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Terese Howard

Denver Homeless Out Loud
Terese is an organizer and advocate with Denver Homeless Out Loud. She works alongside people experiencing homelessness to fight for our right to survive, for public space for all, for human dignity, and for all to have a place to call home. She has been doing this work for 5 years after starting DHOL. 
Right now we live in a country where having a home is becoming something harder and harder to grasp. With housing costs at record rates millions of people are finding themselves homeless in the US. At the same time cities are making it a crime to survive in public and using police to push poor and homeless people out of sight and out of mind. Together with Western Regional Advocacy Project organizations in California and Oregon, we at Denver Homeless Out Loud are bringing state-wide legislation to decriminalize homelessness and give us the Right to Rest. Meanwhile, we are working to build tiny home villages where we can live with autonomy, community, and a place to call home. The first village should be up within a month or two. This is a struggle of the people by the people to create a better world where we can survive and thrive.