Online pre-registration ends January 31 at 5pm.  On-site registration is available in the SEEC lobby starting at 8:30am on Friday and Saturday.  For event info, visit: http://www.colorado.edu/ecenter/bioneers/information

Michael Brownlee

Local Food Shift
A leader in food localization efforts since 2006, Michael Brownlee is the author of “The Local Food Revolution: How Humanity Will Feed Itself in Uncertain Times” (North Atlantic Books, Fall 2016), a manifesto for localizing the nation’s food supply and a strategic guide for those who are in a position to be catalysts in this process. He is a founding partner in Local Food Catalysts, LLC, an online media and events company supporting the emerging local food revolution. Michael was co-founder of Boulder-based Local Food Shift Group (formerly known as Transition Colorado, the first officially-recognized Transition Initiative in North America), a non-profit organization with the mission of building community resilience and self-reliance through localizing the food supply.