Online pre-registration ends January 31 at 5pm.  On-site registration is available in the SEEC lobby starting at 8:30am on Friday and Saturday.  For event info, visit: http://www.colorado.edu/ecenter/bioneers/information
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Isabelle Nagel-Brice

Isabelle Nagel-Brice is currently building her own tiny home on wheels to one day live off the grid. Her background in Permaculture, Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthropology, drove her to travel extensively abroad and live with indigenous agriculture communities in Latin America. Her tiny house is a way for her to live in a healthy home and take it with her if she chooses to move. She has become passionate about tiny house green building and has chosen to not build her small space the conventional way. She also has created her own business that offers consulting for tiny house green building and sells various VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free materials and products for local businesses.