Online pre-registration ends January 31 at 5pm.  On-site registration is available in the SEEC lobby starting at 8:30am on Friday and Saturday.  For event info, visit: http://www.colorado.edu/ecenter/bioneers/information

Alec Solimeo

Over the past 15 years, life has been fully dedicated to family and farming. Whether working with local youth or raising his kids alongside the plants and animals all around them, Alec Solimeo revels in farming because he is continually finding himself a student. He is constantly striving to learn more about the seasons and the intricate ways the they intertwine with the likes of people, plants, and animals.From seed saving, to composting, and the larger possibilities of land development in line with a proper set of Agro-ecological values, Alec Solimeo is excited to have come down from the high Rockies and found a home here in Boulder.