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Mary Russell

Commerce Children's Center
Infant Teacher
Boulder, CO
My I was originally a one-room schoolhouse teacher in western Colorado, utilizing constructivism as my curriculum - my student's passions and curiosity drove their learning. I then transitioned into crafting the young minds of future scientists as a middle school science teacher. My Masters in Education is focused on Educating for Sustainability, (Antioch University New England) which weaves the 3E's into all curriculum. This has led me to my current area of expertise, Nature Pedagogy. I have spent the past 5 years learning about and mastering the art of facilitating learning by utilizing the natural and human-built environment, as a Waldkinder teacher and an English Emersion and Nature Preschool teacher in Rapallo, Italy.

I love to talk about John Dewey's ideas in "Experience & Education", Fritjof Capra's research and beliefs in "The Web of Life", Open Schools, Sustainability (social justice, environmental integrity, economic justice), skiing in the day when all my joints didn't hurt, inline skating in the 90's, and living a vegan life. I believe it's not possible to be an environmentalist if one eats animals.
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