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Leslie Glustrom

Clean Energy Action
Leslie Glustrom was a founding member and serves on the board of Clean Energy Action. Clean Energy Action works with citizen activists to accelerate the transition to the post-fossil fuel world. Clean Energy Action helps communities throughout Colorado and the US take responsibility for the carbon intensity of their electricity since electricity is often a community's largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Clean Energy Action has also pioneered the analysis that indicates that the US has already depleted most of the coal that can be mined profitably. Clean Energy Action continues its economic analysis work showing that, in addition to all of the environmental and health reasons to limit use of natural gas, when future natural gas costs are no longer heavily discounted (as they currently are), natural gas is often not the most cost-effective choice. Rather, solutions including wind, solar, small hydro, demand management and storage are often not only the cleanest, but the best economic choices for repowering the US for the 21st century. Leslie has won many awards for her work including from the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association and Wild Earth Guardians